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FoxWeb can process form input that is significantly larger than 250 KB, so I'm not sure what the problem is in this case.  Is the exact input size at which the problem occurs constant, or does it slightly vary up and down with each hit?  In other words, does the exact same input cause the problem sometimes, but not others?
Also, you should be able to find out whether the input ever reaches a channel, by opening the status window.  To do so, right-click on the FoxWeb icon in the tray area (you will have to disable the System Service option) and select "Show Status."  After you submit your form, you should be able to observe whether the channel status changes to "busy" and for how long.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Alexey Kouznetsov on 05/27/2002 10:48:38 PM:
We have use foxweb 2.11 and got a trouble when tries to upload big text to the server. fo example, I have create script:

strtofile("Started " + tToC(Datetime()) + chr(13)+chr(10), "savefile.log", .t.)

aaa = formfield("textstring")

bbb = Len(aaa)

strtofile("Downloaded "+Str(bbb), "savefile.log", .T.)

strtofile(chr(13)+chr(10) + "Finished" + tToC(Datetime()) + chr(13)+chr(10), "savefile.log", .t.)

html_out= 'Content-type=text/html'+Chr(10)+Chr(10)

html_out= html_out + '<html>'

html_out= html_out + '<body>'

html_out= html_out + '<form method="post">'

html_out= html_out + '<textarea name="textstring" style="width: 385; height: 60" rows="2" cols="42" tabindex="1"></textarea>'

html_out= html_out + '<button type="submit" name="meddelande"></button>'

html_out= html_out + '</form>'

html_out= html_out + '</body>'

html_out= html_out + '</html>'

Then I enter some amount of the text to text are and send to the server. When I tries to text abot 250k size this stopt works. after timeout (90 secs) I got in the browser FoxWeb Message

The FoxWeb Service has returned the following message:
FoxWeb Timed Out--
and in FoxWeb\fwstart.log
05/27/2002 18:17:18 Killed Channel 1: /savefile.fwx
05/27/2002 18:17:19 Restarting Channel 1

no any strings were added to the savefile.log file, so no any part of the our program was executed... after data was sent from the browser to the server and between timeout foxweb takes 100% cpu usage.

with best regards,