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This message means that for some reason all available channels have been deactivated (or were never initiated to begin with).  Here's how you should troubleshoot the problem:
  • After you start FoxWeb can you run any scripts? If no, then the problem is related to your FoxWeb setup.  Refer to the FoxWeb documentation for information on how to resolve setup issues.
  • Does the problem occur with one particular script, but not with others?  If yes, then the problem is caused by a bug in the script code.  If not, then the problem may exist in more than one script, or it may be in fw_enter.prg.  You will probably notice that the error message is different the first time you call the script (Channel Stopped Responding?).
Normally FoxWeb restarts channels after they have been busy for longer than the Script Timeout setting (configurable in the FoxWeb Control Center).  However, if the Restart Channels setting is disabled, or if you hang all the channels and then make another call before FoxWeb has had a chance to restart them, you will get the "No Channels Active" error.  I recommend that you use the troubleshooting techniques described in the FoxWeb documentation to isolate the problem code.
FoxWeb Support Team
Sent by Marc Herrmann on 05/28/2002 09:02:58 AM:
Hi ..
why i get this massage when i started a script....

FoxWeb Message

The FoxWeb Service has returned the following message:

No Channels Active


thanks for help


vfp6, win 2000, Foxweb 2.11, PWP