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Actually a form element of type "image" is an image map, so it submits the coordinates of the mouse-click location.  In this case you should receive a field called "btnchoice.x" and one called "btnchoice.y".  To see exactly what FoxWeb receives point your form to show_cgi.fwx.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Joe Goldsmith on 05/27/2002 06:44:23 PM:

Once a user successfullly logs in using the Auth routine found in the installation directory, the user is passed to the next HTML page that has three frames, top (target=banner.htm), left (target=menu.htm), and right (target=content.htm).

At the bottom of the menu.htm in the menu frame is the following:

<!--Start Example 1


     ACTION="http://localhost/programs/clienthome.fwx" TARGET="_top">

     <INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT NAME=btnchoice VALUE="Log Out">    

<--End Example 1

In banner.htm there is another menu that controls what is displayed in the target, Content frame. This menu has buttons. The last button in the row also allows users to log out and release their log in. It looks like this:

<!--Start Example 2

<FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="http://localhost/pbs/clienthome.fwx"


     <INPUT TYPE="image" NAME=btnchoice


<--End Example 2

The problem is that when the user presses the Log Out button at the bottom of the menu the user is properly logged out. However, when theuser presses the logoff.gif button in banner.htm the screen flashes and presents the same form they were on and does not log theuser out and return to the prior screen like the Example 1 does.

According to the literature, the TYPE="image" element is supposed to work just like TYPE="submit".

Anyone have an idea what's going on?