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Each cell in the calendar should contain a link to the daily view, specifying the desired date as follows:
<a href="DailyView.fwx?date=<%=DTOC(CurDate)%>">=<%=DTOC(CurDate)%></a>
The script DailyView.fwx can read the date as follows:
SelectedDate = CTOD(Request.QueryString("date"))

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Ronald Olds on 05/24/2002 10:16:40 AM:
I am new at html coding, but many years as a foxpro programmer. I am building a calendar website that will show a monthly calendar with the dates as links to a day detail page. The month page will show a summary of events for each day and by clicking on the number of the date will take you to the day detail page. The events are stored in a table by date. What is the easiest way to pass the date to the day detail page so that I can create the page through foxweb?