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FoxWeb will run for 30 days after its initial installation date without a license key.  After the 30-day evaluation period you need to install a valid software key in order to use the software.  Apparently you first installed FoxWeb some time in December of 2001.  The setup date is not reset when you uninstall FoxWeb, so even if you re-installed just recently the 1/22/2002 expiration date would stay in effect.  If you would like an extension in the evaluation period please contact Eon Technologies ( and ask for a temporary extension key.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Valery on 05/24/2002 04:18:20 AM:
I took the Installation from today and:
The Controll center shows 01/22/2002 as the expiration date, and the foxweb.exe program gives the comment "License expired".
Please, what is the proper way to use the 30-day free license?
Thank you