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I haven't worked with Foxweb 1.x in a long time, but I believe setting this up is not much different than the 2.x product.  The steps are:


1. Open Control Panel and Locate Services and open it.

2. Locate the Foxweb service and once you have found it click the "Startup...." Button. This will display a window with "Startup Type" and "Log On As:"

3. In this window select the radio button "This Account" and click the "..." button at the end of this line.  This will bring up the user dialog, select your user from the list by double clicking the name and the clicking the "OK" button. Your user name should now be displayed in the "This Account:" text box.

4. Enter the password for this account and confirm it.

5. Click the "OK" button.

6. Click the "Stop" button in the Service window (make sure Foxweb is still your selected service)

7. Click the "Start"



Ron Stahl

Sent by Lew En Lai on 05/23/2002 01:14:39 AM:

I have tested the script on VFP on the NT server itself and I was able to access. When I tried to access via Foxweb, the same error returned that the file does not exist. Could you guide me through the steps on setting the service user as I believe that I have not set it up properly.