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The best way to determine if the user has sufficient rights on the file server and the UNC path is valid is to log into NT as that user, start VFP and try to issue the command USE \\myserver\volume\directory\my.dbf (use the exact same command as what you have in your FoxWeb script).  If this works, then it should also work in FoxWeb, as long as you specified the service user correctly.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Lew En Lai on 05/22/2002 06:21:21 AM:

I have currently installed foxweb 1.29c with VFP 6.0 running on IIS 4.0.

I was trying to setup a UNC path to access as my data which are residing in my Netware 5 based server. Based on the documentation, I have set the Foxweb to run as a system service in NT and that I have set it to log on with a user account from the NT server. I have tried to execute my programme to USE a dbf file i.e

USE \\myserver\volume\directory\my.dbf

Foxweb returned an error -  FILE \\myserver\volume\directory\my.dbf DOES NOT EXIST. 

Currently I have installed the Netware client on the NT server and it is currently logged into my netware server and mapped into the drive where my data is residing.

Is there something that I have left out in the setup? What are the steps that I need to look into? Your help on this matter is most appreciated.