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We have seen this issue on another server and, just like in your case, the error only appeared once every couple of thousand requests.  In that particular case it appeared that foxweb.exe simply crashed before contacting the channel, so there was no danger of data corruption, or duplicate requests being processed after the user pressed the Refresh button.  We have tried duplicating the problem but were unable to do so on any of our servers.
The client who was experiencing this problem ended up switching to the ISAPI module (foxweb.dll), which did not exhibit the same behavior.  Is this a possibility in your case?  Since you are using IIS, it is recommended that you use the ISAPI module anyway.
FoxWeb Support Team
Sent by Oleg Goncharuk on 05/20/2002 07:17:41 AM:
Very rarely (probability is less then 1/1000) we get following error on otherwise perfectly working scripts:
CGI Error
The specified CGI application misbehaved
by not returning a complete set of HTTP
headers. The headers that it did return are:
(then follows empty space)
After refresh script works perfectly again.
We use FoxWeb 2.11  CGI agent (EXE), VFP7, IIS5 on W2K server.
"Buffering" is set on.