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Apparently you are using the Host Header method to support multiple virtual hosts that have the same IP-Address. This means that if somebody tries to use the IP-Address instead of the host name to connect to your site, the Web server software will not be able to determine which of the four sites the user is trying to reach. As a result, the IP-Address is useless and should not be entered. Simply enter the four host names in the grid, leaving the IP-Address field empty.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Andy Siskind on 05/16/2002 12:42:18 PM:
We need to have foxweb running for 4 name based virtual sites
that use the same tcp/ip address. Our license is for 5 virtual hosts. These 4 sites reside on the same Windows 2000 advanced server in a
cluster. We can get one running, but when we try to enter the IP address for the second virtual host, the ip address is rejected as the same as the first. How do we get them all working without using additional IP