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This was a known problem with some older versions of FoxWeb.  It happened in very rare situations and was specific to particular servers.  The situation seemed to correct itself after a re-install of the OS, which I realize may not be an option in this case.
This problem was solved in FoxWeb 2 (and possibly earlier, although the fact that it was so rare made this hard to determine).  I recommend that you first try installing version 1.29c, which may or may not fix the problem.  If this does not fix the problem and re-installation of the operating system is not an option, then your only option may be to upgrade to FoxWeb 2.1.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Pedro Oropeza on 05/15/2002 02:38:15 PM:
My application already this working, the problem is that some times send the following message when trying to access the page:
Error in CGI Back-End Program
There was an error during execution of the back-end CGI program. The error is: Could not load FWDLL.DLL
Make sure that the file is in the system directory and that the CGI user has read access to it (1114)
Restart the Internet server and returns to normality, but already they are 3 times in 2 weeks, as I can solve this?
  • Operating system  --  Windows NT
  • VFP version  --  6.0
  • Running as a system service?  --  Yes
  • Using run-time DLL?  --  No
  • Using CGI, or ISAPI module (FoxWeb 2 only)?  --  No
  • Web server software  --  IIS
  • The version of FoxWeb you are using  --  1.2