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I have to tell you, that I feel really stupid, because I can't figure out where it is I need to put the "For i..." you sent. I have been going only allowing only single selections, or using checkboxes, but I REALLY want to learn how to allow a multiple selection. I have tried so many things my brain hurts! This is what my html looks like:



<TITLE>AAU Data Base Project</TITLE>

<script language="JavaScript">

function reportMultiple()


var zinst_code = "";

var the_select = window.document.form_1.minst_code;

for (loop=0; loop < the_select.options.length; loop++)


if (the_select.options[loop].selected == true)


zinst_code += the_select.options[loop].text + " ";



alert("you selected " + zinst_code);




<FONT FACE="Times New Roman,Times"><FONT POINT-SIZE="11">

<form name="form_1" onSubmit="reportMultiple(); return true;" ACTION="/scripts/foxweb.exe/submit_req@C:\INETPUB\SCRIPTS\AAU\aau" METHOD="POST">

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="ainst_code" VALUE="iu"><!--This just passes who it is asking for the data -->

<SELECT NAME="minst_code" SIZE="5" MULTIPLE>

<Option VALUE=" ">-- Select Institution(s) --<OPTION VALUE="0001">Columbia University

<OPTION VALUE="0002">Duke University

<OPTION VALUE="0003">Indiana University

<OPTION VALUE="0004">Princeton Univeristy

<OPTION VALUE="0005">Rutgers University

<OPTION VALUE="0006">University of California - Berkley

<OPTION VALUE="0007">Univeristy of California - San Diego



<input type="submit" value="SUBMIT">





I put the JavaScript in because I wanted to see if the list box was even allowing the multiple selections. Once I was sure I could "trap" the information, I figured it SHOULD let me just store zinst_code to my table on the server side, I only am able to see the first selection. I have tried MANY things, but none seem to work.

To seemed like all I would need to do was tell the .prg to store zinst_code, but that stores nothing at all into the table. (If I tell it M.zintcode=FormField('minst_code') it stores ONE value.)

Here is the .prg that I am using to store information regarding the selection.

PROCEDURE submit_req

M.zinstcode = FormField('zinst_code')

M.finstcode = FormField('xinst_code')

UPDATE aaulog;

SET last_acces = datetime(),;

ainstcode = M.zinstcode;

WHERE alltrim(xinst_code) == alltrim(M.finstcode)

SELECT html_code FROM forms WHERE form_id == "XXX" INTO ARRAY FormTxt

html_out = mergetxt(FormTxt)


As before, any help will be appreciated.