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I want to ask you a question, is it my program error or other reason?
My test program is bellow:
*****Program Start*********
  M.TempFileName = "C:\AA.DBF"
* Read the DBF file
  M.FileContent = FILETOSTR(M.TempFileName)  
  DELETE FILE M.TempFileName 
* Send the DBF file content to the browser
  Response.Write("Program Show Start" + chr(13) + chr(10) )
  Response.Write(M.FileContent + chr(13) + chr(10) )
  Response.Write("Program Show end" + chr(13) + chr(10) )
*****Program End**********
But when I start to run the program under foxweb,
it will show below Message:
Program Show Start
Program Show end
When see the result, I'm very surprise, How does it appear "G=gz" string , I didn't know where it comes from. So, my question is that.(My foxweb server is Win2K, Simplify Chinese version,Foxweb version 2.11)
Thanks for your help.