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We will look into the error and get back to you.  On the meantime, please email your phone number to, in case our developers need to contact you.

FoxWeb Support Team


Sent by D.B. Stepp on 04/22/2002 08:49:09 AM:
Hi ya.

I installed WindowsNT 4.0 Server, all required service packs/hotfixes, FoxPro 7.0
and then Foxweb 2.11.  Setup went smooth.  Once I took my old server offline and placed the new one online, I began getting a few of these messages in my system log.  This is the only error that is in the log.  Is this error something I should be concerned about?  And is there a way to fix/stop it?

Thank you,

Here's the error:

The HTTP server encountered an unhandled exception while processing the ISAPI Application '
MFC42!Ordinal1109 + 0x66
MFC42!Ordinal1578 + 0x2A
foxweb + 0x4B54
USER32!TranslateMessageEx + 0x23E