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Hi ya.

I installed WindowsNT 4.0 Server, all required service packs/hotfixes, FoxPro 7.0
and then Foxweb 2.11.  Setup went smooth.  Once I took my old server offline and placed the new one online, I began getting a few of these messages in my system log.  This is the only error that is in the log.  Is this error something I should be concerned about?  And is there a way to fix/stop it?

Thank you,

Here's the error:

The HTTP server encountered an unhandled exception while processing the ISAPI Application '
MFC42!Ordinal1109 + 0x66
MFC42!Ordinal1578 + 0x2A
foxweb + 0x4B54
USER32!TranslateMessageEx + 0x23E