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The solution is not to install the full version of VFP, but to install the correct Visual FoxPro Run-Time DLLs for your country.  Unfortunately we cannot supply international versions of the DLLs because up until the latest version of VFP, Microsoft only included a single language on the setup disk (in our case English).  Your VFP setup disk should contain the correct version of the DLL, which is what you should be using.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by fschern on 04/17/2002 05:06:00 AM:
When I install the fw211,I have get the same error!!
My VFP is 6.0.
I don't thing your solution is a good idea.Because I
can't install the full version of VFP in my custom's computer.It need buy a VFP lincense.
Is there another solution??
Sent by fabrice on 03/29/2002 05:33:44 AM:
After the installation of FoxWeb, i can't load fwconfig.exe and an error message appears : incorrect version of the resource file.
Help me