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Apparently VFP cannot directly open files downloaded from the Internet even if you use the correct content type (Visual.FoxPro.Table).  The error message returned by VFP is: "File access is denied."
The best solution is to force IE to save the results to a file and then open it manually.  Please try the following code.
SELECT cust_no,cust_name,tel FROM customer INTO CURSOR results
* Save the data to a temporary file
M.TempFileName = ADDBS(SYS(2023)) + SYS(3) + LTRIM(STR(Request.CurrentChannel)) + ".DBF"
COPY TO (M.TempFileName)
* Read the temp file
M.FileContent = FILETOSTR(M.TempFileName)
M.FileName ="results.dbf"
* Send the file to the browser
Response.Buffer = .T.
Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=" + M.FileName)
Response.AddHeader("Content-Length", Server.ToString(LEN(M.FileContent)))
Response.ContentType = 'application/unknown'
Note this code will not work with DBF files with memo fields or index tags, because in such cases you will also need to download the FPT and/or CDX files.  A good solution to avoid this problem is to compress all necessary files together in a single zip file before sending them to the browser.
FoxWeb Support Team


Sent by angelin on 04/16/2002 01:32:11 AM:
I download dbf file use code as below:
 select cust_no,cust_name,tel from customer into cursor results
 copy to file/results.dbf
 response.buffer = .t.
 filename ="results.dbf"
 fileextension = upper(justext(filename))
 if file(filename) and fileextension == "DBF"
       contenttype = "application/Microsoft Visual FoxPro"
       response.addheader("content-disposition", "inline; filename=" +filename)
      filecontent = readfile(filename)
      response.addheader("content-length", server.tostring(len(filecontent)))
      response.contenttype = contenttype
every time I open the dbf file be downloaded ,the system always displays the message 'it's not a table'. I don't know how to solve it.please give me suggestion.