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FXP files that you use with the SET PROCEDURE TO FileName command remain locked, until you release them with the RELEASE PROCEDURE, or SET PROCEDURE TO commands.  A good way to make sure that you release all files is to include a call to SET PROCEDURE TO in your fw_exit.prg file.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by John Potter on 04/12/2002 02:02:33 PM:
I can't delete the fxp file of a prg file used as a procedure file. The procedure file is named library.prg. In other fwx or prg files I issue "set proc to library." Works well enough but after that initial compile of library.prg (creating library.fxp) I can't delete library.fxp and foxweb/vfp won't recompile a later date library.prg. I think there is a server switch which determines this but I don't know which one or which way to set it.
I'll appreciate help.
John Potter