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There is no way to get a server-based program to instruct a client computer to print.  If you want you can include a print button in your output by inserting the following code:
<input type="button" value="Print" onclick="window.print()">
The window.print method has the exact same effect as if the user clicked on the browser's Print button, but will only work with Internet Explorer 5 and above, so I don't think you want to use this technique.
One solution that I see often is to add a "Printer-Friendly Format" button, which instructs a server script to return the same info, excluding headers, footers and any navigation elements.  The user can then use the browser's print functionality to send the clean page to a printer.  This technique is used by most news sites, including Yahoo!.
FoxWeb Support Team
Sent by angelin on 04/11/2002 12:53:08 AM:
when I want to print on the client computer, I just want the report on webpage printered, excluding other information as header and footer.
I have tried to add a button <print> on the webpage. If the button is pressed, the report will be printed automatically. But it can only print this report to the server computer,  I use code as below:
report form filename to print