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There is no difference between VFP 6 and VFP 7 with regard to the display of the line number:
VFP 5: Will display the line number regardless of whether you are using the full executable, or just the run-time DLL.
VFP 6 and 7: Will only display the line number if you are using the full executable.
FoxWeb will run equally well on VFP 6 and VFP 7, but the latter has some nice new features, which can be used by your FoxWeb scripts, such as the new XML functions.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by DJ Muller on 04/03/2002 06:02:53 AM:

So if I am understand this correctly, if I install vfp 6, then install fw for vfp 6, fw will then use the "non-runtime" vfp 6 files and will be able to report the lineno() of any errors?

Any major advantages to vfp7 using fw 2?  If not, we'll stick with the vfp 6 so we can track errors easier.