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We are getting ready to upgrade our existing server from foxweb 1.xx to 2.0.   When tested fw 2.0 with VFP 7 everything ran fine except when an error occurred in our programs, it was unable to tell us the line # and code segment like fw 1.xx and vfp 5 did.  This makes it tough to debug our code (I know no one else has this problem. :-)

I am assuming this is because fw 2.x is vfp 6 and not vfp 7 so it cannot get the line numbers?  If this is true, should we install vfp 6 and run fw 2 on that?  Is fw going to be native vfp 7 soon?

We love fw, but we need to be able to see the line #'s and code like fw 1.x shows us.  Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance,