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There is no reliable way to translate VFP's forms to HTML code.  VFP forms have many wonderful capabilities, some of which unfortunately cannot be translated into something that a browser would be able to display (unless you consider ActiveX controls hosted in MS Internet Explorer a Web technology).
We have experimented with the translation of VFP's forms to DHTML in the past, but found it impractical for all but a few situations.  One of the problems we ran into was browser incompatibilities (a lot of the browsers in use today do not have very good support for DHTML).
In my opinion you are much better off designing your pages for their intended medium -- the Web.  Granted, this would involve learning HTML and possibly DHTML and JavaScript, but the results are worth it.
FoxWeb Support Team
Sent by William Mayhood on 03/30/2002 11:47:39 AM:
I'm 'demoing' the package... looks great so far.  I'm unclear as to how or if the visual side of VFP works with Foxweb.  Can one build a VFP form with some VFP control objects, save as HTML, then add some VFP 'snippets' or code, compiling as a 'fwx'?