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With newer browsers you can control the width and font of a textarea by using CSS.  You can also control wrapping by including the wrap clause (soft/hard):
<textarea cols="100" rows="1" name="topic" wrap="soft"
style="width: 300px; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 10pt;">
FoxWeb Support Team
Sent by John Potter on 03/31/2002 01:29:49 PM:
Hello again,
The currently selected record of a dbf file has a length-100 character field named "verbose". It's content is "Certificate Aviation Safety Security "
stub 1
<input type="text" name="topic" size="100" value=<%=verbose%>>
With stub 1 only "Certificate" shows up.
stub 2
<textarea cols="100" rows="1" name="topic"><%=verbose%></textarea>
With stub 2 "Certificate Aviation Safety Security" shows up
textarea is inappropriate--length can exceed 100, no control of font...
Help will again be greatly appreciated.
John Potter