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Thank you again. The problem is gone. I didn't have other code before the PARAMETERS statement but did have a blank line preceeding it. The PARAMETERS statement was the second line. It has to be the first.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 03/29/2002 08:57:42 PM:
When I call I get the following error:
      Error #:      16
      Message: Unrecognized command verb.
      Line #: 3
      Line: PARAMETER m.CurrentRec
Is it possible that you have other code before the PARAMETERS command?  Static HTML code would also cause a problem.  Consider the following example:
... more code ...
The fact that the PARAMETERS statement is in line 3 of your script leads me to believe that this is what is going on.  In fact if you insert a PARAMETERS statement in any place other than the top of a VFP program you will get the above error.

FoxWeb Support Team


Sent by John Potter on 03/29/2002 04:06:26 PM:

I have the following stub in


It generates the error message below:

Error #:      1238
Message:  No PARAMETER statement is found.

The very first lines in are:

PARAMETER m.CurrentRec
private m.CurrentRec,string
set proc to foobar
sele DATA
set orde to
goto m.CurrentRec

What's up?


John Potter