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My guess is that the run-time resource DLL installed by FoxWeb is not the right for the international version of Windows that you are running.  FoxWeb always installs vfp6enu.dll, which is the english version.  The solution here is to install the "Microsoft Visual FoxPro Runtime" component from your VFP 6 installation CD.

Another work-around is to run the FoxWeb Control Center from VFP itself.  All you need to do is start VFP and run the following commands:

SET DEFAULT TO "c:\program files\foxweb"
DO fwconfig.exe

Obviously you can also create a shortcut that does the same thing:
Target: "...The path to VFP6.EXE or VFP7.EXE..."
Start in: "c:\program files\foxweb"

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by fabrice on 03/29/2002 05:33:44 AM:
After the installation of FoxWeb, i can't load fwconfig.exe and an error message appears : incorrect version of the resource file.
Help me