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i want to know how to make a correct setup of FoxWeb with apache ?
In the first step, i only want to develop an aplication on my home pc named as localhost!
If i want C:\apache\scripts\ to be my directory for my fwx-scripts, must i edit
the httpd.conf file ? Must i edit  the php.ini file or any other file ? What are the correct settings for the FoxWeb Control Center ? Is it neccesary to copy my c:\Programme\Foxweb\Programs\... directory structure to the webroot-dir. ?

I must admit that i'm a little bit despaired after trying many different possiblities over hours and studying the FoxWeb Documentation again and again, but all i get if i try the example on the ReadMe-File "http://localhost/scripts/foxweb.exe/show_cgi" is a 404-Error, file not found. It can't be so difficult - I know - to define this pointers ! If you can  help me with my installation problems, i will be very thankfull, cause all i want to do is starting programming. BTW i've also studied your SETUP-PROBLEMS-forum, but unfortunately it did not take me really further in solving my problem.

I'm really looking for your answer - thanks - and bye !