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Well, I appreciate the help, but unfortunately, that did not solve the problem.  I've tried everything so I guess we're going to have to aggressively test the newer versions with our applications.  We were planning to upgrade but there was some concern that some of our older scripts would not work properly with the newer version.

Sent by FoxWeb Support on 03/21/2002 06:54:58 PM:
FoxWeb 1.29c is not 100% compatible with Windows 2000.  The main problem ("Unable to open output file" error) can be eliminated by following the instructions in  The other known problem -- the inability to run FoxWeb 1.29c as a system service under Win2K -- does not have a fix.  For full compatibility we recommend that you upgrade to FoxWeb 2.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Stephanie Russell on 03/21/2002 07:34:30 AM:
We have 10 servers running Foxweb 1.2a and using VFP 5.0.  (We will be upgrading to newer versions very soon).  We have 4 W2K Advanced Server servers and the rest NT 4.0.  My latest server build is on a 2 processor, 1.0 ghz.  I've had several problems but this one is happening randomly and I have not figured out what is causing it:  We receive this error message:  "Unable to open output file" only on the W2K servers.  The latest one (of course the fastest) is far worse than earlier builds.  If the users try repeatedly to refresh, they can get it to behave.  Could this be a processing speed issue?

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Stephanie Russell