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Netscape is less forgiving when it comes to incorrect content type headers being sent by the server.  FoxWeb 2 automatically sends the correct default type, but if you are using FoxWeb 1.X, or if you are manually changing the content type, you must make sure to specify the correct header.  For FoxWeb 1.X you must start your output as follows:
html_out = "content-type: text/html" + CHR(10) + CHR(10) + ...
FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by BijuGV on 03/25/2002 03:21:34 AM:

Our company site is using foxweb and is working fine using internet explorer. However when i access using Netscape, the browser trys to download the foxweb.exe file !!

How can I correct this?

On IIS, I've assigned READ and EXECUTE permissions to the cgi-bin directory.