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I had found solution that works both 1.xx and 2.xx with backward compatibility:

*Decalare error handler at the start of program:
on error ShowError(ERROR( ), MESSAGE( ), MESSAGE(1), PROGRAM( ), LINENO( ))
*Create "ON ERROR" function like this:

function ShowError
Parameter merror, Mess, mess1, mprog, mlineno
* Fill cHTM with Your error message in HTML format
HTML_OUT="Content-type: text/html"+Chr(10)+Chr(10)+cHTM
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Sent by FoxWeb Support on 03/14/2002 12:58:01 PM:
No, this is a feature introduced in version 2.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Craig Raber on 03/14/2002 12:22:46 PM:
I left out the part about us being on 1.X still. Is there a way to customize in this version? Will the StubError registry setting work in 1.X?

Sent by FoxWeb Support on 03/13/2002 08:07:25 PM:
Regular script errors can be formated by using a different error template, as described in the FoxWeb Configuration page.

Errors that are not returned by scripts can also be customized, but the procedure is a little more difficult.  To customize these errors you will need to add a new value named "StubError" in the FoxWeb registry key (hklm\software\Aegis Group\FoxWeb\CurrentVersion).  FoxWeb will return exactly what you enter in this value.  The string "%error%" can be used to merge in the actual error message:

StubError="<body><h3>An Error has Occurred</h3>Message: %error%</body>"

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Craig Raber on 03/13/2002 02:15:55 PM:
Is there a way to customize the error messages returned to the end-user when there is a Foxweb error. i.e. when the program times out?