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Actually according to the email message you sent us, the URL that fails is  The problem is that "iserv" does not exist as a subdirectory of the FoxWeb Program Root.  the correct URL is http://localhost/show_cgi.fwx.  You would only include a path if you wanted to call an application that is in a sub-directory of the FoxWeb Program Root.  For example, to call the ContactMine sample you would use http://localhost/ContactMine2/contact.fwx.

For more details on URL construction please refer to the Calling FoxWeb Scripts section of the Locationg and Addressing Your Scripts in the FoxWeb documentation.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Kristi Westfall on 03/21/2002 01:40:45 PM:
I am using the latest version of Foxweb on a Windows XP notebook computer, running IIS 5.1.  To test the server, I used "Servername/cgi-bin/foxweb.exe/show_cgi" and this worked fine.

When I tried "ServerName/show_cgi.fwx" I got an error that said "the directory specified in the URL does not exist or is inaccessible."

I have the permissions on the cgi-bin directory set to "scripts and executables" and read access turned off.  I looked in the documentation about how to set up script mapping, but there are no instructions specific to Windows XP.  I followed the instructions for Windows NT as best as I could, but I am still having a problem.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!