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Each FoxWeb channel is a separate process, so by definition FoxWeb takes full advantage of multiple processors.

Even if this was not the case, the application server choice should not depend solely on whether you will use VFP or SQL server as the back-end.  If you are already familiar with VFP, then you may want to consider using FoxWeb as your application server even if you choose SQL server as the database platform.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Gia Luc on 03/21/2002 04:36:37 AM:
I'm trying to weigh up the pros and cons of using either Foxweb or SQL Server as the basis for an ecommerce system. 

One of the advantages of SQL server is that it has multiprocessor support.  I wonder if Foxweb can utilize a second processor ?  If Foxweb cannot utilize a second processor, then in your opinion, do you believe this to be a significant shortcoming ?

Many thanks.

Gia Luc
IT Manager