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Thanks for the tip.

I tried this with no luck.  It works fine in VFP but not in FW.  I have not been able to supress the printing dialog window and I think that is what is causing the problem.  I'm not sure how wconnect deals with this.

Found a work around for now, created all the pdf's as static files (not my prefered solution).  I will work on this as I get more time.


Sent by Joe Goldsmith on 03/20/2002 11:06:48 PM:
Check out wwPDF class from I have not used it yet but give it a try and let me know please. The application is free.


Sent by Joseph Zitzelberger on 03/20/2002 08:57:01 AM:

Any ideas on how to generate and return pdf's from FoxWeb using Adobe PDFWriter or Distiller?