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Other than the obvious issue of making sure that the full path to the table is correct, the only thing I can think of is that you are running FoxWeb as a service and the service user does not have enough rights to access the remote location that the table is located at.  The following is an excerpt from the Operating the FoxWeb Server page of the FoxWeb Documentation:

Accessing remote resources
By default the FoxWeb service runs under the SYSTEM account, which does not have rights to remote resources, such as network shares. If your scripts utilize remote resources then you should change the user under which the FoxWeb service runs, by modifying the appropriate fields in the Startup options page of the Services applet in the Control Panel. Be careful not to enable the "Interact with the desktop" option, as this will cause problems with the system.

System services do not have access to drive mappings. In order for the FoxWeb service to access remote shares, you need to reference them using Universal Naming Convention (UNC). The UNC syntax is \\ServerName\Volume\PathToFile. For example, instead of "USE F:\data\customer.dbf" you would use "USE \\MyServer\DataVolume\data\customer.dbf".

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by ying on 03/20/2002 12:46:56 PM:
hi there,
i'm a foxweb/foxpro beginner programmer. i'm having problem with foxweb 2.1. when i try to open a table( a link ) in my web page

it gives me an error like this:

Error #:       1
Message: File '\\oee\vol1\foxapps\tq\tables\freqtabl.dbf' does not exist.
Line #: 7
Line: use \\oee\vol1\foxapps\tq\tables\freqtabl shared

however, the table is actually there. while i try to debug the code in foxpro 6.0, it does open the table normally. what could be wrong? please save me here, i got really frustrated. thanks a lot!


here is the code:

Response.Write('<html>' + ;
    CHR(10) + '<head>' + ;
    CHR(10) + '<title>Frequency Table</title>' + ;
    CHR(10) + '<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">' + ;
use \\oee\vol1\foxapps\tq\tables\freqtabl shared