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Cool! Thanks!!!


Sent by FoxWeb Support on 03/20/2002 01:12:24 PM:
You are using the wrong approach to set the default status of the checkbox.  Here's an example that does what you want:

<INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="home" VALUE="1" <%=IIF(Request.Form("home") = "1", "checked", "")%>>

The script that receives the posting can use the following code to save the result:

IF Request.Form("home") = "1"
    REPLACE home WITH .T.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Joe Goldsmith on 03/20/2002 08:23:35 AM:
If a field type is logical and I use a checkbox on a form for input, how do I use VFP to identify if it is checked or not and then store T or F as the field value please?

I am using for the form field:

<INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="home" VALUE="<%=Request.Form("home")%>">

and then storing the result in:

M.home = Request.Form('home')

before inserting the response into the table field, "home".

Many thanks,