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FoxWeb MUST be installed on the same computer as the Web server.  Any installations on computers other than the Web server are useless.  If you want, you can set the FoxWeb Program Root to point to another computer on the network, but we don't recommend this, because performance will suffer.  It is preferable to keep all scripts on the server.  If you want to edit them from your workstation, you can access them remotely via Windows networking.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Nancy on 03/20/2002 09:01:09 AM:
I'm attempting to install FoxWeb and I'm slowly making progress, but I'm terribly confused. 

I installed FoxWeb on my machine (F:\program Files\FoxWeb).  I have FoxPro 6.0 installed on the same machine.  I'm running NT 4 and IIS 5.

Our WebServer is located on the network and mapped to my machine.

Where do I install FoxWeb?  I have installed it on my machine and I attempt to run the scripts and I get the error message "Cannot open Fox Web registry key."   According to an earlier post, I checked the web server and the key "\hkey_local_machine\software\Aegis Group\Fox Web\Current Version"  did NOT exist, but it existed on my local machine.  I then installed FoxWeb on the web server using runtime DLL's and checked to make sure it was running on that machine and I get the message "No channels active".
I've checked the status of the web server and the channels are waiting, as are the channels on my local machine. 

Must I have FoxWeb installed on both machines?