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hi there,
i'm a foxweb/foxpro beginner programmer. i'm having problem with foxweb 2.1. when i try to open a table( a link ) in my web page

it gives me an error like this:

Error #:       1
Message: File '\\oee\vol1\foxapps\tq\tables\freqtabl.dbf' does not exist.
Line #: 7
Line: use \\oee\vol1\foxapps\tq\tables\freqtabl shared

however, the table is actually there. while i try to debug the code in foxpro 6.0, it does open the table normally. what could be wrong? please save me here, i got really frustrated. thanks a lot!


here is the code:

Response.Write('<html>' + ;
    CHR(10) + '<head>' + ;
    CHR(10) + '<title>Frequency Table</title>' + ;
    CHR(10) + '<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">' + ;
use \\oee\vol1\foxapps\tq\tables\freqtabl shared