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I'm attempting to install FoxWeb and I'm slowly making progress, but I'm terribly confused. 

I installed FoxWeb on my machine (F:\program Files\FoxWeb).  I have FoxPro 6.0 installed on the same machine.  I'm running NT 4 and IIS 5.

Our WebServer is located on the network and mapped to my machine.

Where do I install FoxWeb?  I have installed it on my machine and I attempt to run the scripts and I get the error message "Cannot open Fox Web registry key."   According to an earlier post, I checked the web server and the key "\hkey_local_machine\software\Aegis Group\Fox Web\Current Version"  did NOT exist, but it existed on my local machine.  I then installed FoxWeb on the web server using runtime DLL's and checked to make sure it was running on that machine and I get the message "No channels active".
I've checked the status of the web server and the channels are waiting, as are the channels on my local machine. 

Must I have FoxWeb installed on both machines?