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You cannot use ASP scripts in FoxWeb scripts, because the language is different -- ASP scripts are written in JavaScript or VBScript, while FoxWeb scripts are written in the FoxPro language.  FoxWeb's object model is almost identical to ASP's, so you can easily convert an ASP script to a FoxWeb script.

Obviously for some commands are natively supported by FoxPro, so the equivalent ASP method was not duplicated.  For example, instead of using the Server.CreateObject method, you can simply use FoxPro's CREATEOBJECT command.

Note that you will not be able to use the SoftArtisans FileUp component, because it was specifically created for ASP; however, FoxWeb natively supports file uploads.  Please refer to the documentation of the Request object and the upload.fwx sample script for more details.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Gary on 03/05/2002 05:51:40 PM:
How can I use the following ASP script with a Foxweb script?

    If IsEmpty(Application("myProgresss")) then
    Set uplp = Server.CreateObject("Softartisans.FileUpProgress")
        Dim myProgressID
        myProgressID = uplp.NextProgressID
        Application("ProgressID") = myProgressID
    end if

Can you use the Server.CreateObject method in a Foxweb script?