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FoxWeb scripts are executed by the native VFP engine, so they have the same capabilities as other VFP programs.  VFP enables access to any ODBC data source via two different methods:

1. Remote Views, which allow you to access the ODBC data just like you would any other FoxPro data.
2. Pass-through SQL, which allows you to send raw SQL commands directly to the data source via the ODBC driver.

Each of the two methods has its own advantages and disadvantages.  You should consult the VFP documentation for more information and for tips on which one is more appropriate in your situation.

VFP programs and FoxWeb scripts, can contain code to access both ODBC data sources and native VFP tables.  In fact, of you use remote views you can access both data sources in the same select statement.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Ko Ko on 03/05/2002 07:09:58 AM:

As I am new to Foxweb, can anyone please answer my questions?

- How do I connect SQL server (access data) by using FoxWeb ?
- Can foxweb be able to handle both SQL server database access and fox pro table access within the single script ? If so how ?
- What's the limitation of Foxweb compare with ASP?


Ko Ko