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The "Foxweb channel stopped responding" error indicates that the FoxWeb channel exited or crashed before the script returned control back to FoxWeb.  The debugging code you inserted indicates that the channel is alive at least until after the call to MergeTxt.  I recommend the following course of action:

1. Examine the FoxWeb error log.  Are there any related error messages?
2. Do the same with fwstart.log.
3. Trace through your script, using the techniques described in the Foxweb documentation.

I don't think that this problem is related to the exception that you observed during startup.  I don't know what is causing this exception, but it may be worth investigating if it becomes a problem.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Jim Weesies on 02/21/2002 11:41:42 AM:
I'm running an old 1.x script under Foxweb 2.11.  I'm calling a procedure within a prg (myproc@myprg).  The procedure uses the old mergetxt() function to merge vars with memo data and assign the results to html_out.  This script is returning "Foxweb channel stopped responding." every time its run.  I placed some debug code right after html_out is assigned that writes the value of html_out to a table.  I can copy the contents of the value from this table to a .htm file and it will display fine. 

Something else that may be related to this.  When we start Foxweb and it opens each version of FoxPro based on the number of channels, a few of these would return an error "C000005 OLE Exception, OLE object may be corrupt".  The error would go away after about 30 seconds and the channel would start.  We've tried reducing the number of channels but there is always at least one that reports this error.  We had 9 channels set, but have reduce it to 6.  We get about 1000 total hits per day on about 25 Foxweb sites. 

Any ideas?  Thanks.