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The entire channel crashes after I get the error message (and respond OK) in the debugger.  I have the latest MDAC 2.6 loaded.  I have run the program on the same computer in a VFP session without any errors.  I was able to avoid the error by performing a SQLPREPARE() before the SQLEXEC() statement.  But, I still get the error when I load my cursor using the SQLEXEC() statement then perform the STRTOFILE() function.

Here is the basic program flow without and with the error from within the foxweb environment:

No Error              Error
----------------------   ----------------------

Since I have a working version, I am willing to ignore the error, but if you have any more ideas I would appreciate them.


Sent by FoxWeb Support on 02/19/2002 11:14:54 PM:
Actually FoxWeb is FoxPro, so by definition there cannot be any compatibility problems between any of FoxPro's commands and FoxWeb.  More likely, there is a compatibility problem with the ODBC driver you are using.  What kind of difficulty are you having when you try to debug your scripts?  The Debugging FoxWeb Scripts topic of the FoxWeb documentation describes how you can trace through your programs with the VFP debugger.

If you would like further assistance you will need to provide some additional information.  How did you get the error message you listed here?  It does not seem to be in the usual format returned by FoxWeb.  Is the whole channel crashing?

We recommend that you strip your program down to the smallest number of lines that illustrate the problem.  Try running the same code from a VFP session to make sure that everything works fine.  If you find no problems there, then you should also try FoxWeb with the Run as Service and Use Run-Time DLL options disabled.  This will allow you to see any errors popping up in your FoxWeb channels.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by J. Busker on 02/19/2002 02:27:10 PM:
I am trying to transfer data from an oracle table using ODBC.  I get the following error in Foxweb.  I cannot debug foxweb programs.  Can you help?

Fatal Error:  Exception code=C0000005
Called from - myProgram.prg (STRTOFILE() routine)
Called from - www_run line 269 (www_read.prg)
Called from - www_readline 46 (www_read.prg)
Called from - start line 38 (start.prg)

I can exclude the commands related to the oracle ODBC [like SQLCONNECT() and SQLEXEC()] using data from a previous attemp, and the program works fine, so there must be a conflict between the foxpro odbc commands and foxweb.  The table in the STRTOFILE() function is less than 2K in size.