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I am trying to transfer data from an oracle table using ODBC.  I get the following error in Foxweb.  I cannot debug foxweb programs.  Can you help?

Fatal Error:  Exception code=C0000005
Called from - myProgram.prg (STRTOFILE() routine)
Called from - www_run line 269 (www_read.prg)
Called from - www_readline 46 (www_read.prg)
Called from - start line 38 (start.prg)

I can exclude the commands related to the oracle ODBC [like SQLCONNECT() and SQLEXEC()] using data from a previous attemp, and the program works fine, so there must be a conflict between the foxpro odbc commands and foxweb.  The table in the STRTOFILE() function is less than 2K in size.