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Are you using FoxWeb 1.29c in conjunction with Windows 2000, or XP?  If yes, you will need to follow the instructions in to work around the problem.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Sameer K on 02/15/2002 05:37:24 AM:
I am running FoxWeb 1.29c.

I upload file using the recommended method.  When I do this for large files (>200 KB), I get "unable to open output file error" and sometimes "Unable to open semaphore 2! (1)" error.  With the output file error I do find that the file was uploaded correctly.

Is there some way of uploading large files reliably?

In addition to this I seem to get quite a few "unable to open output file error" errors when there is a lot of preocessing that needs to be done.  Is this somehow related to the PRG Timeout values and if so what is a good timeout value to set.

Thank you.