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A good solution to this problem would be to store the search criteria in hidden form fields, which get returned with the search results.  That same form should contain the fields that will be used to narrow the search down.  When the form is submitted, your FoxWeb script should combine the criteria in the hidden fields with the new criteria entered by the user and create a new search result set.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Marian Stanciu on 02/08/2002 08:31:24 AM:
I'm just trying this product so you don't have to answer the questions ;-)

Well, I have an ordinary DBF file and I made the HTML search engine which gives the user the possibility to display certain records in a <TABLE> ... </TABLE>
The page is dinamically created by a foxweb script using an ordinary "SELECT * from sometable INTO CURSOR somecursor WHERE somecondition".
The results are ok, the 'search-engine' works fine and yet I need a little more.
The 'user' needs to perform a new selection inside the 'somecursor'.
In other words, a selection 'inside' another selection and so on
Step1. select * from all-the-fruits-table into cursor somefruits where fruitname='apple'After selecting and displaying all the apples :-) the user wants to see a new list of all the red apples.
And after selecting the red apples from the whole list of apples maybe he will want to select only the red apples that are not about to get rotten :-)

Well, as long as 'cursor' is a temporary file, how can I remember from step to step what to select in the new 'SELECT' sentence ?
It's like making multiple SET FILTER commands, allways adding new conditions to the previous SET FILTER command.
I have to warn that 'selecting-some-apples' task may be involve in reallity a complex condition (based on more fields or more AND's or more OR's, etc)

If someone understands what I want, and knows how to do it in a simple way without writing tables onto the user's computer in temporary folder, then please help me.