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Thank you.
Solution 2 worked a treat !  In fact, the section name where I want to return to varies - so I just create <body onload .... statement on the fly and then use Response.Write to render it.

Thanks again !

2. Another solution is to add javascript code in the page you load, which causes the document to scroll down
For example:
<body onload="document.location.href='#bottom'">
We have not tested this solution, but it should work fine.  The advantage here is that you don't have to make a round trip to the browser.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Sunil Shah on 02/05/2002 06:12:35 AM:
In a normal HTML page I do the following :

<a href="billbash.html#bottom"> bottom</a>

How do I do this in foxweb ?

I have got this line :


I want to transfer to section called "bottom" on page billbash.fwx.

Is this possible ?

Sunil Shah