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Session variables are not stored in a particular channel, but rather in the session table, which is shared by all channels.  As a result, session variables are preserved even after channel crashes and restarts.  Unlike ASP, you can even restart FoxWeb and/or the Web server without losing your session variables

Cursors are loaded in a single channel, so they should not be expected to be preserved from request to request.  Even without a channel crash or restart, if a subsequent request is served by another channel it will not have access to the original cursor.  One solution is to store data in temporary tables and save the table name in a session variable.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Alan Harris-Reid on 02/03/2002 09:13:32 AM:
If a .fwx script times-out (after the time period set in the Foxweb control centre), are session variables and cursors still kept, or are they deleted when the channel restarts?

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