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There are several extensions available for DW that will help you do this. Check out and the exchange at Macromedia. There a tons of sites and thousands of 3rd party extensions that just about make it easy to do most things related to HTML, DHTML, XML and JS/VBS easy in DW. You could also get UltraDev and use ASP, Cold Fusion, or JSP to do all of this. But, FoxWeb can do all of what they do too (as they pointed out in their reply).

My question is why would you disable ALL the Form objects on a page? What's the point of having a form?

As for your table question - YES. You can cut and paste. You can select multiple cells, rows, and or columns and paste them anywhere. When you select a row everything inside the cells of the row are selected too. Just drag your mouse over the cells, rows, or columns you want and Ctrl-C (for copy). So create the second tablel and then cut and paste what you want into it. Easy and quick.

Sent by Alan Harris-Reid on 12/11/2001 04:30:50 PM:

2. Is there any easy way to disable (or make readonly) all objects in a HTML page (or within a form on a page) without having to manually add the 'disabled' property to all objects on the page?

3. On more than one occasion I have wanted to split a table into 2 separate tables.  Apart from physically creating the new table, then transferring all cell contents from the original table to the new table, is there any easy way to do this?

Many thanks,
Alan Harris-Reid