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This error is usually associated with a known issue between FoxWeb 1.29c and Windows 2000/XP.  There is a fairly simple fix, which can be found at

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by andrei on 01/22/2002 08:16:27 AM:

I am getting data cursor from a database and I scan througth it and creating links. When you click on the link it should execute code. But instead I am getting below error.

Error in CGI Back-End Program
There was an error during execution of the Back-End CGI program. The error is:

Unable to open output file!

The weird part is that after I go back and click again it works fine. Sometimes it take 2-3 tries, sometimes it works just fine.
I am using 6 channels and 'Use Run-Time dll' is checked. FoxWeb is not running as a Server.

I will appreciate any suggestions.
Thak you.