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Note from FoxWeb Support Team: The client has indicated that reinstallation of the operating system has solved the problem.  We believe that the TCP/IP configuration was incorrect.

Sent by Scott McDaniel on 12/21/2001 06:21:25 AM:
1)  I did start Foxweb, and the web page being returned is a Foxweb Message (as I had stated in my email, but failed to fully qualify here).  This message is returned no matter what I try to pass off to Foxweb (show_cgi, contact.frw, or no program at all), and it doesn't matter if I send it through or http://localhost:
> FoxWeb Message
> The FoxWeb Service has returned the following message:
> Could Not Connect to FoxWeb Broker (, 55948). Error: 10061

For example:  http://localhost/scripts/foxweb.exe/
and http://localhost/scripts/foxweb.exe/show_cgi
and http://localhost/scripts/foxweb.exe/contactmine2/contact.fwx
all return the exact same message.

2)  Double clicking the icon shows 1 channel on as Waiting
3)  TCP/IP must be ok, because the web server is serving up pages just fine.  For example:
4)  There are no errors showing in the Foxweb Configuration form error log about this.

Maybe to help, you could identify what the Foxweb Broker is, and possibly what might trigger error code 10061.

Also, is the channel status of Waiting a problem (since you stated is should be "Active")?

Is it a problem that is shows the "localhost" IP ( and not the one bound to the network card?

Sent by FoxWeb Support on 12/21/2001 02:13:22 AM:
First of all make sure that you started FoxWeb.  You should be able to see the FoxWeb icon in the system tray (unless it is configured to run as a service).  You should also be able to double-click on the icon and see the status of your channels.  Are they listed as active?

FoxWeb required TCP/IP for communication between its various components.  One possibility is that the changes you made to your networking configuration broke TCP/IP.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Scott McDaniel on 12/19/2001 01:31:48 PM:
I had Foxweb running to the point I could execute the Show_CGI request.  I also ran the Contact example with no trouble.

I had to do some stuff with the IPX/SPX protocol and reboot the server.  After that the same Show_CGI request fails with this message in the browser:  Could Not Connect to FoxWeb Broker (, 55948). Error: 10061

The server Win2K Professional running IIS 5.  Foxweb is not running as a service, but I did stop and restart it.  Didn't change anything.  Then I uninstalled and reinstalled Foxweb and I get the same error.  Any ideas what causes this?