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How can I run a login script (login.fwx) as the default start page for my website?

IIS allows me to designate a default site page, which runs fine if the page is a plain .htm page, but if I designate a .fwx script I get the message "You are not authorized to view this page".

At the moment I see two workarounds to this problem...
1. Point to default.htm as the default page and have the user click on a link to http://mywebsite/scripts/login.fwx.  (Is it possible to have a .htm page call another page without the user having to click on a link?)

2. Have the user enter http://mywebsite/scripts/login.fwx as the browser address.

Neither of these solutions is ideal, I want the user to type in the basic web address and immedately go to the login script. 

Placing Login.fwx in the program root directory does not change anything.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Alan Harris-Reid