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The message "Error in FoxWeb foundation program" indicates that a problem occurred in the native FoxWeb code.  You should be able to find more information in your error log.  If you can't decipher the information, you can send us a copy of errors.dbf, cdx and fpt and we'll give it a shot.

You can find out which cookies were accepted by your browser by making a call to show_cgi.  Note that some of FoxWeb's internal cookies, including the ones used by the Auth object are hidden.

You should never call AuthForm.fwx directly from your browser.  It will display the login form, but does not contain code to authenticate users.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Alan Harris-Reid on 01/06/2002 07:40:41 PM:

I am trying to get the authorisation example supplied with Foxweb 2.1 working and am having the following problems...

1. When I call http://localhost/scripts/Authenticate.fwx from the browser, I get the login screen, but at the bottom of the page is
"There was an error during the interpretation of your request.
Message:  Error trying to call postprocessor"

This suggested to me there was something wrong with FW_exit.prg, which I removed, but then the Message line read "Error in Foxweb foundation program"

I'm wondering if the problem has anything to do with cookies.  How can I check if cookes are being accepted for //localhhost?

If I call AuthForm.fwx directly from the browser, it displays ok, but then I cannot use the setup parameters as in Authenticate.fwx.  I get the same error messages whether I use VFP6 or VFP7.  Authenticate.fwx and AuthForm.fwx are both in \programroot\scripts\.  I am using IE6.

2. When I enter 'john' as the username and 'doe' as the password (as the example suggests), nothing happens, but the page is redisplayed.  This could be related to the problem 1. above.

Any help would be appreciated.

Alan Harris-Reid